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Who are we?

Hi! We are FixForce and we craft websites and software just for you. We use the latest tools and techniques, this way our products do not only look good, but they are very modern and highly maintainable.

Custom made software

We can create all the software you need, all specially tailored you! We have experience with professional and academic programming techniques. We can use these techniques to create the most difficult software you can imagine.


We offer all sorts off websites, so we can completely supply your demand. This can be done by using an already existing CMS such as Wordpress, this way you can get a cost effective website, that is easy to maintain and add content to. But we can also build high performance websites from scratch, this way your website is completely custom made for you. This can be done for the front-end and back-end of websites. We also offer SEO as an extra service for our websites


We can also improve already existing websites or software. We can add extra features, improve performance or update legacy code. By updating existing software we will refactor the old software so that it uses the latest techniques. This way our updated software will be just as maintable as our new software

About Us


Hello I'm Thomas! I'm sophomore Computer Science at the University of Amsterdam. I also follow the honours program.
I'm a programmer at FixForce and I like a challenge. I especially enjoy backend programming and optimization.
I'm experienced with many programming languages and paradigms. This is why I'm proficient at diverse languages such as Lisp, C, Java and Python.


Hi, I am Devin. I am also a sophomore Computer Science at the University of Amsterdam. I also follow the honours program in addition to the regular bachelor, I try to mostly broaden my knowledge on fields like user experience and artifial intelligence using this program.
I am programmer at FixForce and like to look for elegant solutions to hard problems, this for both front-end and back-end. I always try to make sure that the final product is both modular and maintainable.
I have experience with a wide variety of programming languages by both my study and hobby and therefore I have no problem learning new ones.


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